Hop in and take control of your business with FICCweb 4.8🌟

Dive in, and see for yourself the latest version of our business software FICCweb 4.8. From Quotations to Sales Orders and Billing, Purchase Orders, updating automatically Inventory, Kardex and Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders to Accounts Payable when receiving the goods, Banks, and in the middle control of your Sales Orders back orders and your Purchase Orders back orders, this baby handles it all.

🌟Take advantage of our end of year promotion, FICCweb 4.8 will be your cheapest employee, only $75 per user per month, without price increases and contracts.

How is your current Accounting Program treating you?

We bet there's room for improvement. With FICCweb 4.8, it's not just about the past; it's about now and the dazzling future. And if you're still clinging to that old program... maybe it's time for a change?

The program handles Request for Quotations, Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchases, Inventory with Kardex, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Banks.

Since many programs claim that they do the same tasks, we want you to see by yourself how easy and flexible is to manage your resell business with FICCweb 4.8. This Total Immersion Experience (TIE) is a great opportunity to explore FICCweb 4.8 by role-playing in a "true-to-life" environment with the help of our expert guides. You'll be given credentials to log into a live environment and follow along with an expert consultant as they showcase the FICCweb 4.8. (English or Spanish)

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